Christmas Day!!!!

Today I think has to be the best Christmas Day I have had in years!!!
I got the most amazing presents and had the yummiest Christmas Dinner with a turkey that took a million years to cook. Oh not to mention the most amazing and supportive family I had around me.

I received some of the best presents ever and have been well and truly spoilt. 99.9% of which was makeup and has made slowly realise I have an unhealthy obsession….
– Naked 3 palette to complete my collection.
– Sigma Warm neutrals palette
– Cargo cosmetics palette
– Stila in the garden eyeshadow palette
– Sigma eyeshadow base in shade composed.
– 3 new mac eyeshadows to add to my 15 palette in the making in shades: honesty, Bronze and Charcoal Brown
– Mac Pro long wear
– Realtechniques SAMs picks limited edition brush set.
– Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz pencil in Brunette
Wow even listing it all above is crazy! I have no idea where I will fit it all, just a better excuse to but more storage. 😉

We had the best meal in my grandparents all sat round the antique dining table eating with gold cutlery (very regal) We were even to posh for crackers and opted for party poppers!

Anyway… Pictures to follow.

Merry Christmas! ğŸŽ…





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