My Mac Eye Shadow Collection

Hello Hello Hello!!

I thought I would do an in-depth Post on my Mac Eye Shadow collection. I have my collection organised into 4 Palettes of 4 Eye Shadows and a 15 Palette which is in the making (my baby) I’ve put together swatches of each Palette and taken pictures in Natural light so you can see them in the pan and also on skin.

naked lunch, satin taupe, vex, tempting palette
From Top left Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch, Vex & Tempting.
This is the first and Probably my favourite Palette, I use all of the above colours on an everyday basis.

naked lunch, satin taupe, vex, tempting
I’ve taken swatches of the above Eye Shadows so that you can see the pigmentation on skin. I’ve taken the pictures In Natural Light. Satin taupe and Naked Lunch I use on a day-to-day basis with Naked Lunch all over the lid and then blending in Satin taupe along the crease. Vex is a good colour for in the corner of your eye rather than a highlight as it has an iridescence to it so i find it can sometimes look too much on the Brow bone.

pink mac palette
From Top Left: Jete, Sweet Lust, Swish & Yoghurt
Above is, well I’ll be honest my least favourite Palette I own as I personally am not a fan of Pinks. I found these colours hard to swatch as they are very pale and I think that they don’t have a good colour pay off.

Pink mac palette swatch
I found these colours hard to swatch as they are very Subtle. I don’t think that any of these colours have a massive pay off and they really need to be packed onto the lid. The one colour I have used most is Yoghurt which is the one Shadow that has not shown up well at all on the swatches. I use this colour all over my lid if I want a very minimal make-up look.

Champagne palette swatch2
From Top Left: Retrospeck, Nylon, Rice paper & Mylar
This Palette is a very Neutral palette. I use this palette very often as brow bone highlighters, all over lid base or right in the corner of the eye to highlight.

Champagne palette swatch
Again, I found this Palette really hard to swatch as they are very sheer colours almost. I think all 4 colours are perfect for highlighting or even in the corner of the eye. I’ve used Mylar as a Transitions colour & I’ve found this really successful for a very subtle blend.

Woodwinked Palette
From Top Left: Honey Lust, Woodwinked, Sable & Wedge.
I think this palette comes in close first of my favourite Palette; I’m the biggest fan of Brown and bronze shades. I can have a million shades and use every single one. But each shade will always be slightly different of course.

Woodwinked Swatch
This palette was the easiest to Swatch as they are the darker shades that I own. Wedge I think is the ALL TIME Transition colour in my eyes. Woodwinked and Sable are both very similar in my eyes but with sable it has a Taupe undertone. The one downfall to Honeylust is that its such a glittery shadow it has a tendency to have a lot of fall out which puts me off using it as often.

Here is an overview of the 4 Palettes I have featured in this Post. Again Sorry if some of the swatches haven’t shown up but I’ve tried to get them in the most natural light.

Thank you so much for reading this post. if you like what you’ve read let me know by commenting and liking this post. Please also leave your blog URL so that I can look at your posts.


Disclaimer: I would just like to emphasise that I am by no means showing of my Mac Eye shadows, they have taken 2 years to build up all of my Make-Up collection. I would also like to state that this is not a sponsored Post,
I just have a lot of Mac shadows as I believe they are the most pigmented and blend-able Shadows on the Market,

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