Bye 2013 & Hello 2014!

Hello Hello Hello!

I’ve decided to write this post to reflect on the year that has quickly gone by.

Well Where to start. 2013 has been a rollercoaster to say the least. I moved out of home and lived with my Boyfriend, then moved out into a house where I thought I would set up a home. However things can change so quickly these days and We split up just before Christmas. I’d found myself not doing things for me and trying to please other people or just getting by.

I used to work in recruitment as an industrial consultant running my own desk, working on call every other week and slowly being consumed by the M60 and M62 oh and the job itself. It took over my life. Between paying bills, playing house and Work I found no time for me let alone my best friends and family. So I Left and I’m now a receptionist for A Local vets where my mum works. I travel on no Motorways and for once my job DOES NOT Rule me.

Since being on my own this last couple of weeks I’ve found myself a lot happier with where I am and What I’m going to achieve. I’ve started this Blog for starters. I’m back at home with my mum and well i could be happier about that. 😉

I’ve also come to realise that I have the best friends I could ever ask for. Brittany & Alex. I’ve known them since 2008-2009 we went to school together but it was only in the final year we really got close. I love them to absolute bits. They’ve been with me through anything and everything. I can always count on them when I need them and know that I don’t need to see them daily or touch base with them they are just there. they’ve helped me through so many tough times over the years so if your reading this both of you. I love you to the world and back thanks for sorting me out when I need it and thank you for being there to be the most stupid people ever. I love you both.

Me and alex

Me and Bea

Oh and Brittany or Pea has her own blog as well so please please hit her up here.

My Mum. She’s amazing. we clash but I love her none the less. She has tackled so much this year alone she’s no a bionic women. She’s gone through a Hip replacement, pain in her arms and also dealing with her bipolar. She’s the most brave and beautifully amazing person. She’s made me be independent and strong and allowed me to stand on my own two feet. Whenever I need her she is always there & I love her to the moon and back.


My Dad. We’ve had our ups and downs as my parents are separated I don’t see him as often nor has he been that involved. This last year our relationship has grown into a father and daughter bond. He’s there for me when I need him and I know he wont let me down. Moving houses with me a million times. Giving me money for petrol or just being there for a massive cuddle telling me its all going to be okay. I don’t tell him I love him a lot in fact it’s very rare but one of my resolutions which I guess is a bit far out is to tell my dad I love him more because you never know when you might lose someone.

My Grandparents. They are just truly amazing. I’m so blessed to have them both still in my life. they help me out financially and emotionally. I couldn’t thank them enough for what they have done for me for the last 21 years. My Gran is always there when I need my eyebrows plucking OR when i need a cuddle. My Grandad is always there for advice or when I need to be brought down a peg or two. he is always there for me. They are the most amazing grandparents I could ask for. I hope they’re reading this so if you are I love you.

Youtube and Blogs. YES that’s right! I’ve discovered YouTube and the world of Blogging. The one person From YouTube and her blog is Sprinkle of Glitter. She has given me the most confidence in what I wear how I look and me. Oh and all things makeup, glitter, beauty and lifestyle. I discovered her through Zoella who again has inspired me to start a blog and experiment more. So although they both may not see this Thankyou.

So as I sit here watching Matilda eating popcorn embracing New years in every possible way i’m starting 2014 extremely grateful for the family and bestfriends around me that i need. Oh not to mention my dog Bruiser. Find a link to some pictures of her here. I’m feeling very blessed, Loved and very lucky to have these people with me for another year. I Love you all.

Thankyou so much for Reading this. See you In 2014.


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