Review: Collection Lasting Concealer

Hello Hello Hello! 

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR! For my First post of 2014 I’ve decided to Review the Collection ( formally collection 2000) Lasting Concealer. Image

Having seen a lot of You Tube Make-Up tutorials featuring this concealer as a highlighter and to conceal blemishes I decided to purchase it. I was impressed before I had even used it as it cost just £4.19 which is a bargain compared to the £15 I used to pay for my MAC Studio finish SPF 35 concealer.

Now I’ve not used this concealer much as I’ve not really had the need to. First impressions this concealer is amazing. It has a light and airy texture over the skin instead of being quite heavy and almost cakey. 


I chose the colour ‘Light 2’ I decided a shade lighter than what I need would be best so that I can use it as a highlight as well as to conceal and blemishes I may have. Image

The concealer itself is really easy to apply as it has a long wand that held plenty of product. The product that the wand held was more than enough to conceal my face. Again I cannot say enough how light the texture is on your skin



I used the concealer on the lid & under my eye. I also used it slightly on my cheeks to take some redness away.  I worked the concealer onto my skin using a Real techniques Foundation brush? I put a question mark because this is what it said on the packaging but personally I don’t thin its anywhere near big enough to apply foundation. However this is a really good brush to apply Concealer as its got a good surface area to work the product in and also to get right into the creases around my eyes. 

Below are the ‘before & after’ shots that I took. I also applied a small amount of the Urban Decay NAKED BB Cream to my skin to give it a more even complexion. As well as adding the obligatory Eyebrows using my Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wizz in ‘Brunette’.  



I took the above ‘After’ Picture after doing a half shift at work which was 4 hours and some cooking at home so as you can see it hadn’t creased or rubbed on at any point. The Previous concealer is used I found very heavy and that it would crease or move so I’m glad I decided to try it.

Thankyou very much for reading & I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know on the comments below if you have any more drug store concealers.



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