Today Is Exciting! Jennifer Collier Dress!

Hello Hello Hello! 

So today is a fan girl moment for me. An Artist I love Jennifer Collier posted on her Facebook of a dress that was commissioned but had fallen through.

The artwork she creates is loved, found and recycled materials. These can be anything from Tea Bags, Postcards, Letters, Patterns and stamps.

I Studied Jennifer in college for the 2 years I was at Sixth Form. I did intensive research on how she works and what inspires her.

So anyway back to the exciting part (well exciting for me) the dress would have been sold for £250 but I got it for £50. This is going to take pride of place on my wall in my room.


If you want to look at Jennifer’s work then find her website here & her Facebook page here. She also has a workshop unit in Stafford where you can attend classes with various artist. You can find that website here.  

I hope you enjoyed this small post if you have similar interests or know of Jennifer’s work then let me know in the comments. 



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