Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

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Following on from the review I posted on the Naked palette I will be reviewing the Naked 2 palette today. As I said in previous post all of the Naked palettes are a staple for anyone’s Make-Up collection. In fact my Gran has told me this morning that she has purchased the Naked 3. I really cant say it enough how all the Palettes are for anyone.


Firstly, I’m so so glad that they changed the packaging because the velour material wasn’t very hard wearing for the Naked palette. the Naked 2 palette is like a plastic/tin Casing and it closes shut by clicking into place. Although the Naked Palette would never just open the Naked 2 is a lot more secure. The Palette is still the same weight and maybe a little bit thicker due to the casing but it’s a lot more Secure. If your going away and your keeping this in in your suitcase rest assured its not going to open and get damaged. 


From Left to Right: Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol,

Verve, YDK, Busted & Blackout.

In the Naked 2 there are 2 ‘Matte’ Shades and 10 ‘Shimmer’ Shades. The shade ‘Blackout’ however is debatable whether it’s a ‘Matte’ shadow or ‘Shimmer’ as its has very very subtle specks of glitter in where as the other ‘Shimmer’ Shades are very obvious. 

I think out of all the Naked Palettes this is my least favourite purely because I’m not a fan of Black or Grey shades because I

don’t have the confidence to use them as much as I would use the Brown and Taupe Shades. Maybe I need to work on that!! Image

My Main go to Shadows in this palette would be ‘Tease’ which is the matte brown shade as an all over lid colour for some definition to be used in the crease. My Next go to colour would be ‘Bootycall’ I think the main reason is because I like the name and the second reason would be because it’s such an ideal highlight colour for the brown bone. 

Okay here is a your going shopping or just out and about and you want to switch up your make-up for the day then reach for this palette and go for ‘Suspect’ all over the lid blended out with some ‘Tease’. If you want to switch it up even more then add some ‘Snakebite’ to your ‘Outer V’ and you’ve got the ideal casual look. 

On the other end of the scale your going on a night out and you want a Bronzed smoky eye. Again.. Reach for the naked 2 and you’ve got it all in front of you. Now if your like me, you work up the colours so you start of with your base colour so I would use ‘Foxy’  which is a matte shade. Work from there so reach for a darker colour which would be ‘Chopper’ apply that to 3/4 of the lid leaving a light part in the corner of your eye. then in the outer lid I would blend ‘Busted’ into the ‘Outer V’ and blend like there is no tomorrow. As a blending colour I would use a small amount of ‘Tease’ to blend it all together. Go back and add the shades again to add definition. Its important to remember you don’t want any harsh lines so keep blending and adding the colour in. I would then add ‘Busted’ under the lash line 3/4 across leaving the lighter at the tear duct. Then go back in with ‘Foxy’ to highlight your inner eye.

Well I’ve gone from review to Tutorial so back to Review Joanna. Keep it on the same lines!

If your looking to add to your eyesahdow collection or just starting of whether your 14 years old or 67 like my Gran you can buy the Naked 2 palette from HERE. For £37.00 you’ll have 12 Eyeshadows in a compact, sleek and secure casing at your fingertips. 


Thank you for reading this Review/tutorial. Let me know below if you enjoyed reading this in the Comments below.


Ps. Thank you to my bestie, Twinkle for lending me her arm to swatch the Palette. 





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