Review: Naked 3 Palette & Eye Primers!

Hello Hello Hello! 

So tonight is the penultimate post on the Urban Decay Naked Palette’s which is *Drum Roll* the NAKED 3!!

I think we can all say the Naked 3 was long awaited with teasers on Instagram by other Beauty Blogger’s alllllll over the show! If your like me you live in the UK then the fact that it was released over seas before here in England just made the wait even longer.

To get my dose of the Naked 3  I Settled for  watching my usual Beauty You-tubers review and swatch. Now I don’t like Pinks I never have, Well maybe when I was 10 using mums Make-Up. I’m more comfortable with the Brown/Taupe shades which is why Naked 1 & 2 to me have been the absolute bomb when it comes to Palettes.

I think now is the right time to review and discuss this product because I’m not completely sold on it I want to give it a more honest and frank review whereas with Naked & Naked 2 I’ve had just over a year to get myself familiar with the shades and establish favourites.


Enough of me rambling. Let’s start with the packaging. By far I think this is the best packaging, not only has it followed in the footsteps of the Naked 2 but its a more romantic packaging with the rose gold background with the NAKED 3 logo in gold. Bonus points for me!

Now with the shades, I almost wanted to love it and wanted to buy it even though I had my doubts Because I just love the other 2 palettes so much i wanted to love this one so so so much.. which most probably added to the disappointment when I used the palette for the first time.

Below I’ve swatched the shades. Again- Thanks Twinkle for lending me your arm. It’s the best.


From Left to Right: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside & Blackheart

One thing urban Decay have stepped up with this product is the amount of Mattes. Only by 1 but I’ll give them that.

There is 9 Shimmer and Satin shadows with 3 Matte. This to me is a teeny tiny improvement on 2. The Matte shades in the palette which are; ‘Strange’, ‘Limit’ and ‘Nooner‘ ( best name of all time) are all my favourite colours! the Shimmery shades are all to sheer for my liking. If your looking for a high colour pay off and a glittery look then this isn’t the palette for you. If your looking for a sheer dusting of glitter to yout lids then this is perfect. I know They are called the ‘Naked’ Palettes for a reason but I think this should be called ‘Barely there’ (too harsh?!)

I’ll be honest, I’ve got major issues with the names. I think again out of all the palettes they’ve all lost the creativity. When I look at this palette I think soft, antiqued shades and romance. When urban Decay look at this they think of Mugshots & Factories. I mean come on! 

I’ve used this palette three times since I got it and there is about 4/5 colours I’ve used each time because I just haven’t had the amazing colour pay off I expected.


When I have used this palette I have used ‘Burnout’ with ‘Liar‘ worked into the outer V I then used ‘Nooner‘ in the crease and ‘Strange‘ as a highlighter on the brow bone. I thought that there wasn’t much to this look so I then went in and added ‘Buzz‘ just over the middle of my lid to ad a bit more to the look. 

The second time I used this palette I wanted a very quick look with zero fuss. I packed on ‘Limit‘ all over my lid and then gently added ‘Nooner‘ into the crease. Again I used ‘Strange‘ as a brow bone highlight. After applying mascara I used a small amount of ‘Burnout‘ just along my lower lash line to brighten up my eyes a little bit more.

HOWEVER I am going to be slightly positive about the long awaited Naked 3 buy adding a little something about the Primer! yes that’s right. The Free Primers is what has made me happy. Small Things, Small Minds.  Image I know when opened my Packaging and found some card with the ‘Eye Shadow Primer Potion’ on the front I tossed it to one side as i have about 6 now! Then… as I was taking photographs for this post I looked and realised they was small pods? could I call them that? yeah we’ll go with that! There are 4 Different Types that each do a different job. 

ImageEach pod has a different title; Original, Sin, Eden & Anti-Aging.

Original – Your bog standard Eye shadow primer

Sin – Your usual Eye Shadow primer with a slight shimmer.

Eden – A Matte Eye Shadow primer to ‘Prevent a shadow meltdown’

Anti-Aging –  Not only is it the same as the Original Primer potion but it is also an anti wrinkle and anti-aging primer. 


Each pod also comes with descriptions of each Primer, which is presented well in the wallet. 

Is it bad that I was more excited about the Primer’s than the Palette. 

If you want to buy the Naked 3 Palette, you too can get happy over the Primers. You can find it here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this frank & honest review. I may do one in a few weeks when I’ve used it more as an update. 🙂 

Happy Sunday! 



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