Review: Stila ‘In The Garden’ Eye Shadow Palette

Hello Hello Hello! 

So this evening.. moving swiftly on from the Naked Edition to my reviews. Tonight it’s the turn of my very first Stila Palette. 

I’ve never considered Stila before & I’m pretty sure that’s why my best friend got me this for Christmas. I’m the typical person who gets stuck in a rut of the same things. So I tend to stay in my comfort zone which is mainly Mac with a big contribution from Urban Decay and a sprinkling of NARS. 


This Stila Palette is beautiful. Its a matte pastel shade of Green with gold embellishments of flowers and the brand name. Its feels like such a special palette to own, it has pride of place on its own at the minute mainly because I want to look half decent so I could photograph it. 

The first amazing thing I noticed about this is the quote on the lid of the palette. I like how instead of a mirror it has a relevant inspiring quote which never fails to make me smile. 

a confident woman knows her inner beauty will captivate you, and her eyes will mesmerize you.’ 


I believe the quote is written by Sarah Lucero who is a global director at the company as well as being a well established make-up artist in America.  

Now lets get down to business. The Shadows! 

The palette comprises of 10 Shadows 9 of these being Shimmer/Satin and the other being the lightest colour in the palette is the matte. 


From Left to Right: Chinois, Breeze, Bark, Freesia, Rosette, juniper, Moss, Sage. Honey and Nectar.

I’m really happy that the lighter colours have shown up because from all the swatches I’ve done this has been the best palette for Light colours having amazing pay off. The palette is inspired by things you will find in the garden. Mind I’m not sure what a Chinois is, I don’t have one of them in my garden! 

The colours I am most sceptical to use would be the Shades ‘Freesia‘, ‘Rosette‘ and ‘Juniper‘ again because there not colours in my comfort Zone. (I need to work on breaking out of that really) 

The Shades that I have used the most would probably be ‘Nectar‘ and ‘Honey‘ I was getting ready for work the other day and really wanted to do something different well for me anyway. You might find it completely average. anyway.. I really packed on ‘Nectar‘ all over my lid and worked it upwards into my crease. I then added ‘Honey‘ from about half way across the lid but ensuring the colour was more focussed on my ‘Outer V‘ I really blended the colours into my crease using my trusty E25 from Sigma. I did have some light brown shadow on it from the previous night and this just made the look. However I don’t know which shadow it was so most probably wont get this desired look completely right again. BOOO! I then added some ‘Bark’ along the lash line but only slightly just to add some more definition. I work on a busy reception so I see a lot of different people throughout the day and a lot of people complimented me and asked about my eyes that day so I was super pleased. 

The second and last time I’ve used this palette I used ‘Breeze‘ all over the lid blending outwards gently to ensure there are no harsh lines. Then just to highlight my brow bone I used ‘Chinois‘ ever so lightly because as I said before its very pigmented. 



The one and only criticism I have about this palette is that there is too many Shimmer/Sating shades for my liking which just clarifies that I need a decent Matte palette. So if you have any suggestions then please let me know in the comments!

Now onto the the most exciting thing.. well not as exciting as the primers that came with my naked 3 palette. If you’ve not seen it you can find it here. Each Palette from what I’ve found out doing my research comes with a waterproof Eye liner. Which is something that I don’t have enough of! The name is ‘Starfish’ I was disappointed it wasn’t called something along the same lines as everything else but I can’t complain. 


The Eyeliner is Black with Emerald flecks of glitter through out providing a two-tone effect which I always love it when you can get a different look depending on the angle. (bonus points)  As you can see from the above swatch it has a really good colour pay off. the one Criticism is that its a very very soft pencil so the tapered shape that it once held is no more and instead its a flat liner that is hard to use, or well give you a definitive line. I’ve also experimented with using it as a base, blending it out and adding shadow and loose pigment to it. This did not work out. Good job it was mum I tried it on. It didn’t blend easily at all which surprised me because its such a soft texture in the pencil. 


All In all a beautiful well presented palette with a wide choice of shades to suit pretty much everyone. Even if your like me ( I hope I’m not on my own) and you like to stick to what your used to there is plenty of variety. 

If you want to purchase the Stila: In the garden palette then you can buy it Here. for £25 you literally cannot go wrong! Plus it’s free delivery right now so get on it! I will definitely be buying from Stila again! 

Please comment below if you have any more suggestions of palettes  can purchase and also one with a lot of Matte shades. 


P.s. Again thanks Twinkle for lending me your Arm. Thanks Pea for buying this amazing palette for Christmas.




5 thoughts on “Review: Stila ‘In The Garden’ Eye Shadow Palette

  1. love the palette, so pretty. i know you mentioned having some of the naked palettes, do you have the naked basic palette as well? i also love the lorac pro palette, it has some nice matte shades as well.

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