Review: Cargo Cosmetic Palette ‘Lets meet in Paris’

Hello Hello Hello! 

So this Morning bringing it back to The eye-shadow palette’s I have been reviewing recently its now the turn of Cargo Cosmetics which to be honest I’ve never heard of. I watch an urban Decay Make-up artist on You Tube and IG and she mentioned she the brand and used a shadow from the palette I’m about to review in a tutorial she did. So after doing my research this palette was on sale in Debenhams so I bought it. The palette is called the ‘Lets Meet in Paris’  


I love the packaging of this palette. Its a black fabric with gold embellishments with the brand ‘Cargo Cosmetics’ in Gold. It’s a hard wearing case which closes with magnets. However the gold has already rubbing off and I’ve hardly used it so although it looks beautiful its not hard wearing. 

Cargo Cosmetics From Left to Right; Macaroon, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Creme Brulee, Bonjour, Cafe, Beret, Bastille, Madame, Versailles, Croissant, Baguette.

The Palette has 12 Shadows that are all metallic bold shades. Although when I swatched it there was quite good colour pay off however when I used the palette I found that I had to pack on a lot of shadow to get the same colour pay off.  However I used my MAC fix + with a slight spray on the brush and that helped me pack the eye-shadow on and give amazing colour pay off.

I’ve used the palette once  and when I did  I used the 2 Brown shades from the palette  ‘Cafe‘ and ‘Bonjour

As you can tell from my previous posts I prefer matte shadows and Brown so I wasn’t happy with the fact that there was no Matte shades at all. I personally wouldn’t create my whole eye look with this palette as I prefer some matte shadow to work with.


With the palette you get a double ended shadow brush which I was chuffed about. However it broke. So It’s not the same quality as the Urban Decay Brushes.  So we won’t discuss that further. 😉 

I found I had a lot of fallout with the shadows and they didn’t blend very well.  I tried to use ‘Baguette‘ as a brown bone highlighter but it was so metallic it highlighted it all little to much. Which I never knew was quite possible. 

All in all a short review going off my other Reviews but I don’t have much to say. I will however experiment further with this Palette but so far I’m just glad I got it in the Sale. 

If you want to try any of Cargo Cosmetics or this palette then you can buy it here. It’s £35 now but I think I paid £18 for it just before Christmas. 

If you have any other Cargo products or have used the palette and love it then please let me know as I want to try more of this brand. 

Thanks for reading. 



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