First Impressions: Crown Brush UK Concealer Palette

Hello Hello Hello!

So this evening is the long awaited post of my first impressions and swatches of the Crown Brush UK Concealer Palette. Now I’ve waited to get this for a while and the hype that has been built up on Twitter and IG has made me want it even more. 

Before I start I would like to say Thankyou to the Crown Brush Twitter team for being so lovely. It’s not often I or anyone get’s retweeted and favourited or even replied to on Twitter. So when i had this happen and about my upcoming blog post I was over the moon. I think its so nice that they take the time to interact with the Beauty Bloggers. So Thanks so much! :]

Now. Lets get down to it! 

The Packaging. Is unbranded matte black casing. Its sleek its thin and compact. What more could you need? For a Make-Up artist on the go needing to save space to anyone buying it to add to a personal make-up collection. Its simple and is what is. IMG_1321

Its Simple to open with a simple push button. Then encased is 10 beautifully smooth Concealers.  There is a wide variety of shades to suit all skin tones and types.  Starting from very ivory tones to very deep chocolate browns.


I Couldn’t contain my excitement so got straight down to swatching all shades. I have a large tattoo on the inside of arm but thought it would be ideal to show the swatches just over it so you can see the coverage. 


The above swatch is of the top row from Left to Right. The concealer has a thick and creamy consistency and as you can see where the first shade has covered my tattoo with one stroke. I didn’t need to apply a lot onto my brush as its so thick a little will go a long way.

IMG_1318Above is the bottom row from Right to Left. The Darker shades are what I’m most excited about as I’ve been looking for a creamy contour for a while and here I’ve got 10 shades all at my fingertips.

The Product glided onto my skin with not rouble at all to build up the coverage it has. It also has a lot of staying power as it took quite some rubbing with a makeup wipe to get it off my arm, which only makes me more excited to try this in a look.

If I’m honest I wont stray from my Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer, which is my go to Concealer. To find the review on this click here.  I intend to use this palette more for Contouring. But again you’ve got 2 in 1 as you can use it for both. I’ve been contouring with powders but i think that the Cream based products will be easier to blend to its just another bonus. 

For £16 plus shipping you can’t complain. On average your looking at around £20 for a decent bronzer/contour set so to get Concealer and Contour for £16 to me is just the big juicy cherry on top of the cake. 

To buy the Crown Brush UK Concealer Palette click here.  Also please give them a follow on Twitter: @CrownbrushUK  They also feature Beauty Blogger reviews of their products on the site so you never know! :]

Thanks so much for reading! I will do a follow up post in a week to show some looks using this Palette. 



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