My 5 Essential Make-Up Brushes For The Face

Hello Hello Hello! 

So Today will be one in a few posts focusing on brushes. I will be focussing on my 5 Essential brushes i use on a daily basis to apply make-up on my face. 


 The brushes you use help; contour, blend and build up your looks on a weekly basis. You can have the most lavish and expensive make-up possible but if you don’t have the right brushes there is no point. Whether they are high end or high street doesn’t matter. You need to use your brushes as a tool kit, each Brush has a job to do. As odd as what I’m saying sounds its right! 


Real Techniques Buffing Brush. 

I Got my first Real Techniques brushes for Christmas and I’m still not totally converted I’ll be honest but the ‘Buffing brush’ Is ideal for me to apply my powder to set my Foundation. 

I like how dense the brush is and allows me to really buff the powder in to give me the full coverage I prefer. 

I got this brush in a set called ‘Sams Picks’ which I believe was limited edition and was around £20. I would never have bought the Real Techniques brushes individually as I find they are over priced.


Real Techniques Multi-Task brush.

Again, like I said I’ve only recently started using Real Techniques brushes. Previous to using the Multi- Task brush I would use on of my angle Sigma Kabuki Brushes to apply my Bronzer. 

I find that the Multi-Task Brush is more easy to blend my bronzer in yet still dense enough to give me definition.

I’ve also used this brush to apply highlighter lightly over my cheeks. Its really is a durable and handy brush for anything.

Again its from the ‘Sams Picks’


Sigma Flat Kabuki F80

This Brush is my Holy Grail. I cannot live without this brush. I have no idea how I applied foundation in the past. 

Its a dense flat headed brush with a large surface area to really work foundation into your skin. 

Whether its a BB cream or a full coverage foundation its ideal for every type of foundation.  

I really cannot praise this brush any more than I have done. Hands down if you’ve not got this brush then go and buy it. You will not regret this! 


                                                          Sigma Tapered Kabuki F86

I’ve had this brush for a while but not really used it a lot up until the last few months. I started using this brush more when watching Jaclyn Hill. Who is my all time Make-Up YouTuber. 

As she does I use this brush to add the highlight to my face and blending out my concealer/highlighter. With its tapered brush its ideal to get right under the eye and blend outwards covering the ideal area for highlighting.

This brush is also ideal to apply the bronzer for contour and then using the multi task brush to blend it out. so there is no harsh lines.


 Avon Brush Unknown name.

I’ve had this brush for forever and a day. maybe 3-4 years? I’m pretty sure we all have the one brush that comes with you everywhere. This is what my bestfriend Twinkle calls hers ‘the sweat mop’. 

Its my dirty little secret brush that needs a good clean but i cant bring myself to do it. I’ve found Avon brushes don’t clean well and last time i cleaned one it’s not been the same since. This is my one and only. 

I use it for everything and anything. keep it in my bag just to use throughout the day or use it to apply my powder to set my foundation. 

its my little dirty pleasure and everyone has one.. admit it. 😉 


There we are. My 5 essential brushes for applying any make-up to the face. All of these brushes I would recommend you to go and buy. 

If you have your essential brushes or have any posts like this then please link me in the comments below and I can go have a nosy. 

Thanks for reading. Happy Saturday. 



3 thoughts on “My 5 Essential Make-Up Brushes For The Face

  1. Most of my brushes are from MAC, but I also have a couple of eye brushes from Sigma and I really love those! The face brushes that you showed look pretty good though, I might need to place another Sigma order 🙂

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