My 5 Essential Make-Up Brushes For Your Eyes.

Hello Hello Hello! 

The back end of this week has been crazy. So many things to sort out and so many things going on so I’ve neglected my blog for the past few days to sort things out! But I’m back. 🙂 

So following on from the post I did last week about my Top 5 essential make-up brushes for the face, today’s post is as you guessed from the title eye brushes. 


From left to right: Eye Shading Brush E55, Tapered Blending E40, Large Shader Brush E60, Small Angle Brush E65, Blending brush E25

As you can tell all of the above brushes are Sigma. I Love Sigma brushes. they are moderately priced high quality brushes. I Cannot praise this brand enough. 

Eye Shading Brush – E55

This brush is perfect for packing colour onto your lid to give you an impeccable coverage.  With its short dense head it has several uses. Not only is it perfect for packing colour on but its also perfect to run across your lower lash line to add some colour. With its small head it can get right under your lashes to give a defined and precise line. 

Tapered Blending Brush – E40 

THE PERFECT BLENDING BRUSH! There I’ve said it! This brush is ideal for adding little colour all over the lid. then Dense yet fluffy brush head allows you to blend colours together seamlessly leaving no harsh lines. Although the brush head is very fluffy its very dense so it gives you a strong definition. However the one slight faux pas would be in the inside of the eye its not so good because the head is so large it can often give me too much colour in the inner corner.

 Large Shader Brush – E60

Again similar to the E55 the E60 is ideal for packing colour onto your eye but over a more larger area.  Although this brush isn’t as small it is just as dense. I tend to use this brush for again similar to the E55 under the lash line. I also use this brush for adding my highlighter. For me to just quickly add shadow onto my lid in a rush with one brush this is ideal to cover the entire eye and give you intense colour.

Small Angle – E65

This brush is my saviour. I use this brush to fill in my brows. This brush is so dense and stable to give you the precise lines and coverage on your brows. I use the MAC brow duo set and find this ideal for everyday on my brows. the brush is ideal for getting crisp lines as well as filling in any sparse areas of your brow. 

Blending – E25

Slightly smaller than the E40 the E25 is a less fluffy head allowing you give a more precise blend. This brush is ideal for me to get right into the inner corner to blend out without making it too dark. When blending on the outer V this brush makes it simple to blend under the lash line to continue the shadow down to give more of a smokey blown out look. 

All of the above brushes I pretty much use on a day to day basis. The 5 brushes are all anyone needs to create a beautiful eye look. Of course there is plenty more brushes but these 5 do just as good job. 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. If there is any other brushes you recommend please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @JoBeddz 



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