First Impressions: Clinique Delivery

Hello Hello Hello! 


So This evening I arrived home from work to find a cheeky delivery from Clinique. Now I’ve not bought from Clinique since foreverrrrr. So when I heard they have a new collection that is limited edition called ’16 Shades of Beige’ I knew that I needed to try it because you just can’t have enough beige/nude/brown eye shadow right?!  Then when I spotted they do a mascara just for the bottom lashes it’s compulsory to buy that as well right?!?!  

Firstly how amazing is the packaging. I didn’t select the option for gift wrap so I’m not sure if this is normal for the packaging but it’s so so cute. I will definitely be keeping the box for storage. 




From Left to Right; Sugar Cane, Light shade of diamonds and pearls duo, light shade of neutral territory duo, light shade of day into date duo, brown shade of polar blue quad, Hazy, Black Honey, Dark brown shade of morning Java quad.

So the eye shadow palette is my everything it really is. With 8 slightly shimmery shadows and 3 Super Shimmer shadows as stated on the packaging it’s ideal for any looks. From the packaging and the colour descriptions on the reverse of the packaging its a series of the best colours from other palettes so I’m not sure about that. BUT this is just amazing.

The shades across the palette range from an Icy Shimmery white to a Deep rich chocolatey brown. This Palette has every possible beige/nude colours possible. 

the packaging is a plastic silver reflective case which is opens and closes quite well so is very sturdy. I love how clinical Cliniques packaging is and how clean it is. 

If you want to try this palette buy it NOW here as it’s limited edition and for £32 you can’t go wrong in my eyes.  


So the second purchase was the Bottom Lash Mascara in the shade Black of course. 

I’ve been looking for one of these since forever! I’m the worst for smudging mascara underneath my lash line and then never being able to take it off properly which annoys me tremendously. 

I’ve not used this mascara yet but i will certainly try it out for the next few days and update you guys. But so far I like what I see. The packaging is cute with a frosty white exterior with silver flowers embossed on the packaging. It’s so clinical and clean again which is what I love so much about Clinique. the mascara is lightweight and compact so it can fit in your make-up bag or bag for a night out and not take up enough space. 

This little mascara wil be a lifesaver for anyone so you can buy it HERE now for £12 which I think is reasonably priced.



Then just when I thought my Clinique delivery couldn’t get any better there was samples 3 to be exact all wrapped up in Clinique tissue paper which is just so lovely and shows that care goes into each delivery. 

So starting from Left to Right we have; 7 day scrub cream, dramatically different moisturising lotion + and finally Anti Blemish solution. 

All of the above 3 Samples I will get use of and hopefully buy the full size versions so I’m really excited to try these samples over the next week and will again update you on what I think. 


Overall I’m so excited to try out all of my items from Clinique and keep you guys updated as we go. Follow me on Instagram on Twitter for pictures of looks and products as I try them out. 

Instagram: JOBEDDOWS

Twitter: @JoBeddz


Thank you so much for reading. 








3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Clinique Delivery

  1. Hey Hun,

    Thanks for sending me your link in last nights twitter chat! Thought I’d pop over and send you some love & follow all your links 😀

    I LOVE clinique. Their High Lengths Mascara is my holy grail Mascara!!! Can;t wait for maybe a look with these to see how they come out 🙂 Bet you will look gorgeous using them!

    Lucie xxx

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