My Top 6 Nude Lipsticks

Hello Hello Hello!

So this evening I’ve sorted through my lipsticks and realised I have so so many Nudes. This obviously lead me onto this post. 



From Left to Right: MAC 3N , YSL Rouge pur couture in 24, MAC Japanese Maple, MAC Hue, MAC Pure Zen, MAC Creme Cup

Ideally I would have liked to do a Top 5 post but I don’t really like odd numbers and I struggled to narrow it down to my Top 5 so I just had to do top 6.  



I’m not sure if this is the name? It was limited edition and cost like well over £20 but was worth it because the lipstick is such a nice shade. It glides onto my lips and has a rich sheen to it. This lipstick also moisturises my lips which is even more of a bonus in my eyes. I have the thing where I buy limited addition lipsticks and then I Can’t buy them any more so I wish I had bought 2. I’m so attached I don’t wear this often because I don’t want it to run out. Not so sad right?!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade 24

This lipstick to me was a perfect example of me getting ridiculously excited in Selfridges. I love this lipstick it feels so special to wear. They have the YSL Logo embossed in the top of the lipstick with a shiny gold rectangular casing with the Logo again embossed on the front. It has a scent which takes me back to my gran’s perfume with a floral scent. It has an amazing pink sheen with a natural look so this lipstick is my ideal but again it cost so much I don’t wear it often. 

MAC Japanese Maple

 I Tracked this lipstick down for months. I went all stalker on this lipstick I swear!!! I first spotted it about 3 months before I bought it in MAC. It was sold out so I couldn’t get it. I then checked online and again it was sold out. 4 more visits or maybe more to MAC I then checked online constantly then finally bought it about 4 months after! I absolutely love this lipstick for a simple nude lipstick which I personally thinks looks best on me. 




I cannot express how amazing this lipstick is. it has enough pink and enough peach in with just the right amount of sheen. Its a beautiful finish on the lips with just the right shade of Nude. I have 4 of these lipsticks which is ridiculously obsessive and I wear this lipstick every single day! I always have people asking me what lipstick it is. It’s ideal for going out and work and just casual. I just cannot waffle on any more there is nothing else to say other than its the holy grail. 

MAC Pure Zen

Pure Zen is a more of a pinky an romantic nude lipstick. I think with some people nudes can make you look washed out and you need a bit of a subtle lift with some colour. this is the ideal pinky nude lipstick for Summer. Its a more thicker consistency if that makes sense than Hue but equally as moisturising with really good pay off. Again this lipstick is ideal for a night out with a soft romantic look or just for work.

 MAC Creme Cup

Creme Cup is slightly darker than Pure Zen so its a nice autumnal nude colour. With Creme Cup I kind of have a love hate relationship. I always remember Creme cup as a shade I don’t like then when I’m looking through my lipstick collection and I’m like ‘Oooh I love this’ then I realise its Creme Cup I’m always so surprised. So it was a difficult decision for me to include this or not because well I suppose I remember it differently.


I’ve took some swatches so that you can see what the lipsticks look like on skin. I should have really swatched on my lips but they’re dry at the minute to wouldn’t have look appealing. 😉 



Thank you so so much for reading this post. If you know of any more Nude lipsticks that  haven’t mentioned please let me know! I always love a new lippy! 








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