My MAC 15 Shadow Palette

Hello Hello Hello! 


So Today’s post as you may have guessed is of my new baby. Well my new MAC 15 palette. 

Now in the past I have only ever used the 4 palettes because I’m a bit obsessive and like to have them filled straight away so getting the 15 palette was slightly intimidating for me because well you have to build it up and add to it. 

So anyway Christmas, Ebay and a few treats to myself lead to me getting to getting this bad boy. 🙂



Top Row – Left to Right: Patina, Smut, unknown, unknown & Amber Lights

Middle Row – Left to Right: Wedge, Sketch, Era, Honesty & Mulch

Bottom Row – Left to Right: Concrete, Charcoal Brown, Sable,Satin Taupe & Woodwinked

Is it bad that I don’t know the names of 2 of them. probs. Well I depotted them and I lost the label. Oh well. My bad. 

Anyway I won’t go into detail about every shadow but I will mention my favourites. 


I love Patina for just a quick wash over my lid add some colour to my eyes with a subtle shimmer. 

Amber Lights

I love love love this colour. It’s a gorgeous Amber colour that is so highly pigmented you don’t need much to achieve a strong and vibrant look. I team this with mulch on the outer crease blended in to create a more darker eye look. 


Mulch is ideal for a dark brown shadow to sweep over your lid to add a deep Satin shadow over your lid. Sometimes I like to add Wedge into the crease and blend upwards to just lift the eye even more. 


Honesty. This is my go to shadow for a beautiful Shimmer with a slight honey tone to it. If I go quite big and thick with my lashes I like to push this shadow onto my lid to add a neutral glimmer to my eyes. THE perfect nude eyeshadow! – a big statement I know. 😉 

Wedge, Charcoal Brown & Concrete 

These 3 shadows are the ideal for a matte eye look or crease colours. Wedge is a staple that every make-up lover needs to have in their collection as a transition or crease colour. Concrete is the darkest of the 3. I’ve not used this as much as Charcoal Brown and Wedge but I have used it under my lash line to add a dark smoky brown look to my eyes. 

Satin Taupe

Satin Taupe is another one of my go to colours to just sweep over my lid to add a sublt hint of colour to my eye colour. I also find that this colour fits nice on an older eye. i’ve used this in looks with my Gran. I find that not all colours suit an older eye. That’s my opinion anyway so this over her lid with Wedge in the crease is ideal. 

So I think I’ve waffled on enough about some of my favourite Shadows in this palette. This is my baby and I need to make it my aim to use more of the colours. Is it bad that I’ve not used a few of them?!

Thanks so much for reading this post. Comment below if you have any recommendations! Oh & Follow me on Instagram or tag me in pictures of your Palettes so I can have a right good nosy! 🙂

 JOBEDDOWS – Instagram 

Happy Sunday You Beautiful People. 🙂 



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