Turning 21 and taking my Make-Up Obsession to a new level.

Hello Hello Hello! 

Firstly! I’ve been terrible this past week with regards to blogging but I Turned 21 so surely that is a good enough excuse right?! 

I’ve had the most craziest and busy week. Turning 21 is super hard. Eating out, ringing people to say thank you. So many outfits I’ve had to wear. The best thing about turning 21 is just feeling special and getting spoilt rotten. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky with my family and friends all there to wish me happy birthday and take me out for yummy meals. 

My dad and step mum bought me a personalised number plate which is the best thing ever! I’ve always wanted one since I passed my test FOUR YEARS AGO! So I was so so overwhelmed when I finally got mine. 


I also got a tray of 21 amazing cupcakes adorned with fondant MAC Make up and ‘Happy Birthday 21′ in Pink icing. These cupcakes were amazing and one cupcake even had my all time lipstick on HUE! Which made my day even better. 



My Parents are split up so I Celebrated with my dad and step mum last Thursday night and then my birthday was on Friday so I the celebrations had already begun a day early!

When I got home from my meal with my dad my mum and her partner has surprised me with a bunch of balloons, Presents and Cards. I had all my family around me and my baby Bruiser (my dog) and felt even more special and it wasn’t even my Birthday. 

My mum got me a photo frame with ‘Happy 21st birthday‘ on and has a marker pen for everyone to sign and write a message on which I thought was such a thoughtful present because I’m a sucker for a keepsake I really am. I also got a purse. pen and lip balm. Mum told me to open the purse as there was another little present.. £500!!!!! WHATTT HOW CRAZY!!!! I cried so so much. at one point I cried and said ‘ so.. much.. make-up..to.. buy’ which made me laugh. 

I had such a lovely meal that night with my closest family and felt even more special. 🙂 We live in a rural area really so we went to the restaurant at the bottom of our lane and had a yummy rustic meal. 



How Beautiful is my Grandma?! 



MammaBear being a cutie! 




Gaz my mums partner not enjoying pictures!




I was pretty obsessed with this bowl of pebbles with a candle in!! haha! 

ANYWAY! I bought so so much make-up and beauty products from the Trafford Centre. I do have a picture of everything but I plan on doing a Haul post before the end of this week so I’m excited to show you all what I got!!!  But until then I will list a few of the brands:

Lush, Dior, MAC, NARS, Rimmel, Smashbox, Benefit, Maybelline, Collection, Revlon, Beauty Bay, Stila and many more….

Then just to top the most amazing birthday with Family I went out with my girlies to a lovely Italian near us Called Ancora. All of my friends except me go to Uni so they all travelled home from Leeds, Sheffield and Oxford for my weekend so i was very lucky! 🙂 



From the girls we have all decided to get a Tiffany bracelet for each of us so we will always have a special bracelet that we all own for our 21st so it was my turn. It’s so beautiful and delicate in the duck egg blue box with the trademark crisp white ribbon to make it feel even more special.


I am so so lucky to have suck amazing family and friends who have all make this birthday so special to me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Thanks so much for reading my somewhat long winded personal blog post this evening and I will be back ASAP with all of my new Beauty buys with first impressions on some of my favourite products. 


Love, Jo.x


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