First Impressions: Tanya Burr Lips and Nails & Kate Moss Lip Products

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The Postman has been my favourite person of all time today delivering lots of Lip products for me. SO today will be Post 1 of 2 with Tanya Burr’s Lipgloss range and Kate Moss’ Lipstick by Rimmel. So lets get down to business…


Tanya Burr Lipgloss Range.

So First impressions the lipgloss smells AMAZING!!! its like a familiar smell that i just can’t put my finger on. 

Well the Lipgloss I went for was the shade Champagne Toast. I love the name. I’m a massive Fan of Tanya and have heard the stories about the names so I know that a lot of thought has gone into each product. 



The Lip gloss glides onto my lips perfectly. Not too tacky and not to wishy washy. The Gloss stays on your lips for quiet at while and I didn’t feel the urge to much to re-apply which was a bonus. 

Champagne Toast has a beautiful shimmer to it which I think is just the right amount of Shimmer. I’m not a massive wearer of Lipgloss I’ll be honest but this doesn’t feel Grainy nor does it feel to tacky. So with the ideal combination of glitter and gloss It’s ideal for me. 


I Struggled when It came to choosing which shade as the range of colours was so varied but I went for This shade as it’s a peachy nude colour ideal for everyday use. We all know I’m the worst when it comes to Nudes so this again makes it the perfect lipgloss for me. 

You can only Buy Tanya Burr’s range online at the moment from Feel Unique but they will be hitting stores soon! 

You can buy it HERE and for £6.99 onwards. I think the price is THE perfect price to pay for a lipgloss if you ask me!  


Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss.


This is the First Rimmel Lipstick I’ve ever purchased! The Jury is still out on this lipstick I’ll be honest so with that in mind. lets get down to it! 

When I got the box from Boots I wasn’t over excited with regards to packaging. I feel that it’s not very sturdy and feels and looks cheap. However for £3.99 you can’t complain really! 


The Lipstick shade I’ve gone for is 113 another Nude colour. Surprise Surprise. The colour itself id lovely a really nice matte nude colour. What it says on the tin really.

Now when I applied the lipstick i was secretly hoping it would be a lovely thick texture. NO its wasn’t it was thin and lacked the lustre I was expecting. 

With regards to reapplying I felt that after 30-40 minutes of having it on I needed to apply again. To me it had the texture of a lip balm without the moisturising side. 

Overall the Lipstick was disappointing for me as I expected slightly more, However I paid £3.99 for this and considering all my lipsticks are £10 onwards £3.99 is very cheap. I will use this lipstick again but I will use it more of a lip balm rather than a lipstick. 

If you want to try this lipstick for yourself or any other colours in the range then you can buy it HERE. The price does go from £3.99 to £5.49 so hurry and get the offer. 🙂 


Thank you so much for reading this post. Please let me know if you have any other lip products to try. 🙂 


Come back tomorrow for the LimeCrime First impressions post. 








FOTD & New Camera

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So This evenings post to round up a nice wet and rainy week is my FOTD and also a feature of my new baby.



So After my post on the Nude lipsticks which I did on Wednesday it made me realise I need to be more adventurous. I personally don’t think it suit me but I think it’s just because I’m used to Nudes. Anyway I have ONE Bright Lipstick which is Cut A Caper by MAC. Anyway stop waffling lets get down to the other products used

Products Used;


Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Crown brush UK Concealer Palette

MAC Studio Sculpt Pressed Powder

MAC MSF in Medium Deep


MAC Brow Duo in Brunette

MAC eye shadows: Wedge in the crease and All That Glitters on the lid

Benefit They’re real Mascara

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara


MAC Cut A Caper

Image(I like how I’m kind of cross eyed in this picture hehehe sexy!)

So moving onto my other exciting news. Well a few things.

Firstly – I bought my first Lime Crime Lipsticks

Secondly – I’m doing the valentines Box Swap hosted by Lucie from Fatbeautyx and Samantha From Mascara And Cakes so I received the email today with the name of my Beauty Valentine and bought her some lovely things.

Last but definitely not least I bought myself another camera to help me get better pictures for my blog and for trips out. So a Friend from School was selling the Canon 450D for £200 with lots of goodies with it so I was straight on it. So I picked it up this morning and I am so so happy snapping away in my room getting used to the camera.



I am so so excited to get used to using my new camera and taking lots of new pictures with this baby for my blog. If anyone has any tips or can help me anyway with this badboy then please let me know! 

Thanks so much for reading this little post tonight. 



My Top 6 Nude Lipsticks

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So this evening I’ve sorted through my lipsticks and realised I have so so many Nudes. This obviously lead me onto this post. 



From Left to Right: MAC 3N , YSL Rouge pur couture in 24, MAC Japanese Maple, MAC Hue, MAC Pure Zen, MAC Creme Cup

Ideally I would have liked to do a Top 5 post but I don’t really like odd numbers and I struggled to narrow it down to my Top 5 so I just had to do top 6.  



I’m not sure if this is the name? It was limited edition and cost like well over £20 but was worth it because the lipstick is such a nice shade. It glides onto my lips and has a rich sheen to it. This lipstick also moisturises my lips which is even more of a bonus in my eyes. I have the thing where I buy limited addition lipsticks and then I Can’t buy them any more so I wish I had bought 2. I’m so attached I don’t wear this often because I don’t want it to run out. Not so sad right?!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade 24

This lipstick to me was a perfect example of me getting ridiculously excited in Selfridges. I love this lipstick it feels so special to wear. They have the YSL Logo embossed in the top of the lipstick with a shiny gold rectangular casing with the Logo again embossed on the front. It has a scent which takes me back to my gran’s perfume with a floral scent. It has an amazing pink sheen with a natural look so this lipstick is my ideal but again it cost so much I don’t wear it often. 

MAC Japanese Maple

 I Tracked this lipstick down for months. I went all stalker on this lipstick I swear!!! I first spotted it about 3 months before I bought it in MAC. It was sold out so I couldn’t get it. I then checked online and again it was sold out. 4 more visits or maybe more to MAC I then checked online constantly then finally bought it about 4 months after! I absolutely love this lipstick for a simple nude lipstick which I personally thinks looks best on me. 




I cannot express how amazing this lipstick is. it has enough pink and enough peach in with just the right amount of sheen. Its a beautiful finish on the lips with just the right shade of Nude. I have 4 of these lipsticks which is ridiculously obsessive and I wear this lipstick every single day! I always have people asking me what lipstick it is. It’s ideal for going out and work and just casual. I just cannot waffle on any more there is nothing else to say other than its the holy grail. 

MAC Pure Zen

Pure Zen is a more of a pinky an romantic nude lipstick. I think with some people nudes can make you look washed out and you need a bit of a subtle lift with some colour. this is the ideal pinky nude lipstick for Summer. Its a more thicker consistency if that makes sense than Hue but equally as moisturising with really good pay off. Again this lipstick is ideal for a night out with a soft romantic look or just for work.

 MAC Creme Cup

Creme Cup is slightly darker than Pure Zen so its a nice autumnal nude colour. With Creme Cup I kind of have a love hate relationship. I always remember Creme cup as a shade I don’t like then when I’m looking through my lipstick collection and I’m like ‘Oooh I love this’ then I realise its Creme Cup I’m always so surprised. So it was a difficult decision for me to include this or not because well I suppose I remember it differently.


I’ve took some swatches so that you can see what the lipsticks look like on skin. I should have really swatched on my lips but they’re dry at the minute to wouldn’t have look appealing. 😉 



Thank you so so much for reading this post. If you know of any more Nude lipsticks that  haven’t mentioned please let me know! I always love a new lippy! 







First Impressions: Clinique Delivery

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So This evening I arrived home from work to find a cheeky delivery from Clinique. Now I’ve not bought from Clinique since foreverrrrr. So when I heard they have a new collection that is limited edition called ’16 Shades of Beige’ I knew that I needed to try it because you just can’t have enough beige/nude/brown eye shadow right?!  Then when I spotted they do a mascara just for the bottom lashes it’s compulsory to buy that as well right?!?!  

Firstly how amazing is the packaging. I didn’t select the option for gift wrap so I’m not sure if this is normal for the packaging but it’s so so cute. I will definitely be keeping the box for storage. 




From Left to Right; Sugar Cane, Light shade of diamonds and pearls duo, light shade of neutral territory duo, light shade of day into date duo, brown shade of polar blue quad, Hazy, Black Honey, Dark brown shade of morning Java quad.

So the eye shadow palette is my everything it really is. With 8 slightly shimmery shadows and 3 Super Shimmer shadows as stated on the packaging it’s ideal for any looks. From the packaging and the colour descriptions on the reverse of the packaging its a series of the best colours from other palettes so I’m not sure about that. BUT this is just amazing.

The shades across the palette range from an Icy Shimmery white to a Deep rich chocolatey brown. This Palette has every possible beige/nude colours possible. 

the packaging is a plastic silver reflective case which is opens and closes quite well so is very sturdy. I love how clinical Cliniques packaging is and how clean it is. 

If you want to try this palette buy it NOW here as it’s limited edition and for £32 you can’t go wrong in my eyes.  


So the second purchase was the Bottom Lash Mascara in the shade Black of course. 

I’ve been looking for one of these since forever! I’m the worst for smudging mascara underneath my lash line and then never being able to take it off properly which annoys me tremendously. 

I’ve not used this mascara yet but i will certainly try it out for the next few days and update you guys. But so far I like what I see. The packaging is cute with a frosty white exterior with silver flowers embossed on the packaging. It’s so clinical and clean again which is what I love so much about Clinique. the mascara is lightweight and compact so it can fit in your make-up bag or bag for a night out and not take up enough space. 

This little mascara wil be a lifesaver for anyone so you can buy it HERE now for £12 which I think is reasonably priced.



Then just when I thought my Clinique delivery couldn’t get any better there was samples 3 to be exact all wrapped up in Clinique tissue paper which is just so lovely and shows that care goes into each delivery. 

So starting from Left to Right we have; 7 day scrub cream, dramatically different moisturising lotion + and finally Anti Blemish solution. 

All of the above 3 Samples I will get use of and hopefully buy the full size versions so I’m really excited to try these samples over the next week and will again update you on what I think. 


Overall I’m so excited to try out all of my items from Clinique and keep you guys updated as we go. Follow me on Instagram on Twitter for pictures of looks and products as I try them out. 

Instagram: JOBEDDOWS

Twitter: @JoBeddz


Thank you so much for reading. 








Hello Hello Hello! 

So this evenings post is a FOTD. I love these posts so I hope you enjoy this one. 🙂 

Also Exciting News! Well for me.. I’ve finally finished my 15 shadow Palette from MAC. So so happy with it. This is what I’ve used to create this natural look. 



So with my make-up look today I used my usual make-up. Products used below; 

MAC Pro longwear in NW20

MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW20

Crown Brush Concealer Palette 

 Bourjois Paris Delice De Poudre Bronzing powder

Sleek Contour Palette in Light – highlighter used

MAC Eyebrow Duo in brunette

Anastasia beverley Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette

MAC Eyeshadows in Wedge and Honesty

Lancome Hypnose Mascara


So Above is my baby! My little baby and my pride and joy. 🙂 In depth post with swatches will follow. 🙂 

Wedge‘ is such an amazing shadow to use as your transition colour or Crease colour. in this instance I used ‘wedge‘ in the crease with ‘honesty‘ all over the lid.

Wedge‘ is a light brown matte shade slightly darker than my skin tone. ‘Honesty‘ is a sheer brown glitter shadow that is nice to apply onto the lid to add a bit of something to my eyes. 


My eyebrows are wonky. I swear this is not natural!! 😉 The Eye shadow shows up more now on my eyes rather than the first picture so you get more of an idea with this shot. 

I love the MAC brow Duo for my eyebrows using the darker shade on the end of my brows. Then as I get to the inside of my brow i used the lighter shade to fill in as my eyebrows are sparse in this area. I then used my Anastasia Beverley Hills brow wiz pencil in brunette to just tie everything off and touch up. 

I then added my Sleek Contour palette in Light using the highlighter to highlight the tops of my cheekbones, nose and cupids bow. 

Then just applying the Studio fix powder on my T Zone just to set any concealer and foundation.


I hope you enjoyed having a good nosy at this FOTD post. Let me know in the comments if you have done a FOTD post recently.